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Open Source Multiplayer Server/Client Library

Maybe a year or so ago I was trying to find something along the lines of a multiplayer lobby to include in my own games. I didn’t have any games in mind, but I knew that I would need this software if I wanted to make a useful multiplayer game. Unfortunately it was difficult to find, and I didn’t like the idea of using GameSpy’s software as there didn’t seem to be anything Gnu/Linux compatible about it. It’s even more out of the question since I want to release the code under a Free/Open Source license. I would have to write my own server/client software, and I basically took comfort that I wouldn’t have to worry about making a multiplayer game anytime soon.

Then I saw a post on

GNS, or Game Name Search, is an open source game portal client/server package. Game developers may integrate the GNS client into their video games, and host an online GNS server to allow clients to find each other over the Internet. GNS servers also provide chat room functionality and content hosting.

It is under the MIT license, which makes it perfect for FOSS and proprietary software developers alike. It is currently at v0.1 Beta, but Gamieon, Inc already has plans to host gaming servers in the future. I imagine that charging for this service will be their main source of revenue from this product, although they do have others.

I think this software sounds like it has a lot of promise and would fit in perfectly with my own game development. When I get to the point where multiplayer games are a possibility for me, GNS will definitely be on the short list when I decide what tools to use.

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Hmm… interesting indeed. I’ve actually been thinking about this very issue recently. Thanks for the info, I’ll have to keep an eye on this project.

– Jon

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