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Secret to Getting Results

Sometimes I think about pruning out the blogs that aren’t directly related to game development, software, or business. Then a great post like 5 Secrets to Getting Results comes along from a music business marketing blog in my RSS feeds.

Each item is not so much about doing a specific action or using a specific tool. It is about changing your thinking. The only thing you can control in life is your own thought process, so it obviously has a big impact on how productive you can be. Being negative will only help you be more negative.

You can read more details on each secret, but here is the list:

  1. Set out deliberately to make every day highly productive.
  2. Make the most of your opportunities each day.
  3. Appreciate the privilege of work.
  4. Be courageous!
  5. Develop extra energy reserves.

One reply on “Secret to Getting Results”

I’ve thought about pruning my rss feeds as well. But as you mentioned, great information can come from places that you don’t expect. But that’s not the only reason to keep those other feeds and links around. If all you read and think about is games (or any other specific topic), you’ll quickly get burned out.

Concentrating on only one thing to the exclusion of all else is not healthy. You need to have other outlets that can get you to relax, have fun, and grow. Not only can these other sources of information help you to do these things, but sometimes they can offer up great ideas and inspiration for your next game idea.

Book, story, and movie screen writers often get their story inspirations from newspapers, overheard conversations, and other stories. Many times they are completely off topic from your current project, but these things may just give you an idea that gives you than next killer feature, story point, or game idea.

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