Personal Development

A Nice Walk

I finally had a chance to weigh myself on a scale and found that I was 185 lbs. That’s 5 lbs heavier than I was when I last visited a doctor who told me to try to get back to 150. My watch has been feeling a bit tight lately.

So one day this past week, I took a walk for about an hour. I was half expecting to get winded 20 minutes into it, but the walk was great. I also came up with game ideas while walking. Bonus!

Steve Chandler mentions that walking exercises the mind since your arms and legs are cross-patterned. When you take walks, it actually helps develop your mind’s ability to think creatively. Chandler will take walks when faced with difficult problems and claims that he always thinks of a solution by the time he finishes.

It’s a bit sad that an hour of just walking was more exercise than I’ve gotten in some time. I plan on making walks a regular habit. Besides wanting to be healthy in general, I like the idea of being more productive because I won’t need as much sleep. I’ll sleep better and more efficiently. Also, the more oxygen getting to my brain, the better I’ll be able to think, especially over long periods of time.

Hopefully I’ll lose some weight, but I’m more interested in being as athletic as I was in high school. I suppose I would have to join a soccer team. I can’t wait.