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I’m Making teh Best MMORPG/FPS/RTS Game Ever!

I’m going to be making the greatest MMO game ever! It will be cross-genre, so people who like first-person shooters, real-time strategy games, and role-playing games will all enjoy it.

It will have an amazing story that spans many arcs, but it won’t be linear at all. The entire world will be highly reactive to how you play, just like a paper-and-pencil RPG.

It will also span time, so you can play from prehistoric times using rocks as weapons all the way up to the future where there will be lasers and mechs!

So here’s where you come in. I need someone to help me build this game. I need programmers, artists, musicians (a full orchestral score!), and writers. I can’t pay you since I am doing this for free, but once we get it out there, we can paid based on royalties. Or maybe a publisher might pick us up.

What do you think?

Anyway, thanks for your time. This is going to be so cool.
Perhaps we can discuss this in a private forum? I
remember trying to do something similar in QBasic.
I got pretty far, too, but then I stopped and
looked at it and thought that I could do better.

Fun and cool with cool ideas! Maybe the main character can have
ocular implants, so you can see in the dark or through walls?
Oops, I’m saying too much in public. I don’t want someone
looking here and stealing my ideas.
So long!

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šŸ˜€ LOL!

I’d love to help out, but I’m working on my own MMORPG/FPS/RTS right now, which, by the way, will be much cooler than yours. I mean, you can take your own photograph and put it on the face of your avatar! Oops, now I gave my coolest feature away.

? Redo from start


The sad part is how often almost the exact same thing is said FOR REAL on game development boards. Unfortunately, these same people don’t often take time to read blogs or other forum posts first, so they have no idea how silly they are sounding.

But you gotta dare to dream, though. I hate to be the guy who says, “It’ll never work.” Because one day one of these n00bs is gonna do exactly what they say they want to do (or end up with something pretty close yet cool), and put ALL of us in our place.

Jay: That’s true. Years ago when I hung out on QBasic forums, I would periodically see the post about making the best RPG ever. Now it’s MMORPG, but the story is the same. Some person realizes that games can be made by them and then thinks that they now have the means to make any game they want.

But of course, dreaming big is sometimes necessary to do what you want to do. Being overly pessimistic just unnecessarily restricts what you’re capable of doing.

Uh.. is this guy for real?
his title is classic though…. im making “teh” best MMORPG….
That is sheer brilliance, i hope this guy was being satirical, because if he was he managed to sum up computer newbies excellently…. uh… if he wasn’t, then um…. good luck to you man, can’t… uh… wait to see it… yeah…

Hey dude i cant be botherfinding out how old this thing is but im an animator and ill lend a hand if you want

hey, I would love to help out, if your needing any help im always here

i think it is good that you got an eye for games and i would recomend that there is zombies in it. kinda like:

the zombies have taken over the world in the futere, something horrific. lots of shooting.

hey guys, this guy should think big,but it sounds to me like he hasn’t got any game creating skills at all. What he describes is like putting chocolate, candy-corn, and syrup on a pizza, sounds gross right? Well so is this idea. Everyone says they will make a game like this, but they fail when it turns into a big glob of shit and candy. I’m not sure what I meant by that, but i think this guy is just some 13 year old taking all the crap out of his ass to show the world. He should at least start with something simple first, because i can tell he has no experience and knowledge about how programming works.
PS-This guy lacks common sense.

Nick: Obviously you have no common sense, due to the fact that this thread was originally posted on april 1st, better known as April FOOLS day, a little more than 4 years ago from this posting.

It was meant to be a joke. Congratulations on falling into his trap, 4 years after it was made. I salute thee.

Surely it would read better if you were to call it a MMORTSFPSRPG:

Massively-Multiplayer Online Real-Time Strategy First-Person Shooter Role-Playing Game

to your awkwardly phrased:

Massively-Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game First-Person Shooter Real-Time Strategy

I’ve been working on a far less ambitious MMORTSTCPGENFPSAARPG:

Massively-Multiplayer Offline Real-Time Strategy Thematically-Coherent Procedurally-Generated Emergent Narrative First-Person Shooter Action-Adventure Role-Playing Game

which is entitled ‘Universe’.

I decided early on in development that I lacked the required knowledge of networking to be able to make it be Online, besides I liked the fact that making it offline would mean that the player would be able to pause the game at any point (not just when docked at Space Stations, or having safely landed on a Planet), safe in the knowledge that they could later resume their adventure from that frozen moment whenever the next opportunity to escape their real life became available.

I would advise against QBasic, not only is it too slow, but it work “scale” to cope with such a large project. Indeed, I’ve spent many years researching programming languages and alternative paradigms in the hopes that I could find a tool that would fit my needs (i.e. productivity, scalability, robustness & speed), without much luck – forcing me to detour into the research and design of my own programming language with its own unique paradigm and presentation. It is only because work on this foundational tool has gone so well that I have the confidence to plan the creation of an integrated development environment which is capable of reflecting source code changes in a running game as well as providing documentation for the function call under the cursor in an always visible sidebar and a variety of projections of the code (some equational, some visual flowgraphs) which I term Hyperspaces – kind of like Hyperlinks that you can peep through and choose how the destination page is rendered (i.e. numbers in columns, or a histogram, or pie chart).

Once I’ve written my own IDE and used it to create my own Wordprocessor, Paintbox, Spreadsheet and 3D Modeller to suit my own ‘frictionless’ workflow (not to mention a new UI that isn’t based upon WIMP which I have developed along with a non QWERTY keyboard layout that I intend to use), I will be able to focus on developing the Physics Engine and AI systems that I will need before working on the Procedural Generation of the entire history of the Universe in as much detail as is required to convey a sense of authenticity – but without expecting to somehow recreate New York!

This is a hobby project that I dabble with in my spare time – so far I have spent 20 years on it and estimate the final playable game to be ready (optimisitically), in 2022. Just so long as it isn’t 2222 as potential players will have the choice of piloting a real spacecraft by then, even if it is only a Zero-Gravity Fork LIft.


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