The Carnival of Game Production Is Back!

Once again, Juuso has put together the Carnival of Game Production with a collection of quality articles.

Featured articles include:

  • Joonas Laakso’s Wannabe game producer’s confessions.
  • Jay Barnson’s Should I Become An Indie Game Developer?
  • Paul Eres’ Principles of Playtesting
  • Vedran Klanac’s How it was made? Fire Flower
  • Jochen De Schepper’s To Flash Or Not To Flash?
  • Nicholas Savery’s The Free MMO Business Model, an Alternative to Pay-to-Play
  • Joris Pyl’s Psychology in Games
  • My If Old Games Were Made Today…
  • And a special treat: Petri Purho’s The Truth About Game Development, a game about game production.

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