Toytles: Leaf Raking – Your Home

Your home is not only where you and your parents live but also the base of your operations in Toytles: Leaf Raking.

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Your Yard

Your home has a medium yard and one tree. While you might be able to earn money by finding clients and raking their yards, your parents will not pay you to do the chores you are expected to do as a member of the family. Make sure to keep the yard maintained or else your parents will put an end to your business if you can’t demonstrate that you are acting responsibility.


Inside your house, you can check on your Inventory in the garage. You will be able to see each rake you have, how many of each you have, and the durability of it. You will also see how many yard bags you have.

Your Home

If you have more than one of a specific type of rake, the durability only applies to one. Once it breaks, it is replaced with the newer one that will have its max durability.

The Kitchen

Your parents can often be found in the kitchen, ready to give you their wisdom and advice for running your leaf-raking business.

Your Home

Some of their tips are about how to keep your clients happy, what to pay attention to when it comes to your rake’s durability, and how to interpret the weather forecast, among other things.


Your bedroom is upstairs. It is here that you can check the weather on your computer or go to sleep in your bed.

The weather forecast shows you today’s weather and the weather for the next four days. You’ll see how sunny or cloudy it is, what percent chance of rain there is, and a description of how windy it is.

Your Home

If there is wind, you will see how many leaves will fall per tree.

Each day will either be shown with the name of the day of the week or the name of the holiday.

Pro-tip: Check the Weather Each Day

If you look ahead, you can plan your efforts. If it is going to rain the next day, then you don’t need to worry about using too much energy today as you won’t be able to do anything that requires energy tomorrow and know you’ll have two nights of recovery before your next raking job.

If you see a couple of Fair days in a row, you know you will be able to tackle a new client’s yard at your leisure.

If you see a storm coming, however, you know you might want to make sure your clients have fairly clean yards before it arrives so you don’t risk losing clients.

End Day

You’ll recover energy for each hour you sleep before you wake up at 7:00 AM. If you go to sleep before 9:00 PM, you will find that time jumps ahead to 9:00 PM, which is the earliest you can go to sleep. So you can start to sleep anytime between 9:00 PM and midnight, but you will always wake up at 7:00 AM, which means you will recover between 7 and 10 energy each night.

News from Your Parents

After school, you will arrive home and be greeted by your parents in the front foyer. On holidays and weekends, you will start the day in your bedroom. If your parents have any news to tell you, it will be in one of these two places.

One piece of news is when a client is worried about the state of their yard. You will be told who the client is so you can take steps to rectify the situation.

If you let a client’s yard get too full, you’ll be given the news that you lost that client, along with a reminder to be more responsible.

Your parents will also take this opportunity to remind you to clean your own yard if you neglect it for too long. And if you allowed your yard to overfill with leaves, they will tell you that your leaf-raking business must end as you are not taking responsibility at home.

Try to keep on top of your own yard and the yards of your clients to avoid these reminders.