Toytles: Leaf Raking – Yards

Yard Sizes

A Small Yard

In Toytles: Leaf Raking, a neighbor’s yard can come in three sizes. Small yards can have a maximum of 9 leaves before they become overfilled. Medium yards can have 18 leaves, and Large yards can have 27 leaves.

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Smaller yards are easier to clean since you use fewer bags and hours to rake all of their leaves than you would on larger yards, but they also fill up with leaves the fastest if you neglect them.

A Medium Yard

Larger yards take a lot longer to clean up and require a lot of bags, but they are more forgiving. You can ignore a large yard for days without losing a client, although it will once again take a lot of bags and a lot of hours to clean it up again.

You earn money for clearing a client’s yard no matter how many leaves there are, so the key to keeping costs down is to clean a yard up and focus on keeping it clean. Each time leaves fall, get to them right away, and you earn another $10.

A Large Yard


Yard size is not the only factor to consider when finding a client. Depending on how windy it is, a number of leaves will fall from a tree, and each yard has one, two, or three trees. A yard with three trees will get three times as many leaves as a yard with one tree.

If you pick a client who has a large yard with three trees, expect to work very hard to earn $10.