Toytles: Leaf Raking – The Store

In Toytles: Leaf Raking, Mr. Matt’s Store is where you can purchase rakes, yard bags, and of course, the Ultimate Item™.

Toytles: Leaf Raking Player's Guide

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Mr. Matt offers the finest (and only) selection of tools and supplies in town. With the exception of the Basic Rake and yard bags your father gives you at the beginning of the game, you must go to Mr. Matt’s Store to get your tools and supplies.


At Mr. Matt’s Store, you can examine the merchandise. If you select an item, you’ll see how many you already have, the cost, and number of items you’ll get for that price. For example, you can see that one Rake Duo costs $90, as well as whether or not you already own any.

You can also read the details of a particular item. On the “Would you like to buy this?” menu, tap on the item in question, and you will be presented with information such as the name, a description, and any statistics relevant to it. A Rake will tell you about how much energy you would use per hour, the number of leaves you will rake per hour of use, and how much durability it has.

The Ultimate Item ™

In order to win the game, you need to earn $1,000 and purchase the Ultimate Item™ at Mr. Matt’s Store before the end of 90 days.

Pro-tip: Pay Attention to Store Hours

Mr. Matt’s Store is open from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM, but Mr. Matt also likes to close the store for holidays. When you have a day off from school, it might seem like you can take advantage of all of the extra time to not only rake leaves, meet your neighbors, and go shopping, but if you’re off school, Mr. Matt is probably also taking a day off. Make sure to buy your supplies when his store is actually open so that you aren’t left with a bunch of yards to take care of and no way to do so.