Toytles: Leaf Raking – How It Works

In Toytles: Leaf Raking, you play the role of a young reptile who has 90 days before the first snowfall of winter in order to earn enough money to purchase the amazingly cool and very expensive Ultimate Item™.

Toytles: Leaf Raking Player's Guide

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Earn money by talking to neighbors, gaining clients, and raking their yards. There are five neighborhoods with 19 neighbors, each with a different sized yard. Different amounts of leaves fall on a yard depending on the number of trees nearby, so some yards are easier to clean up than others.

Make sure you have the right materials and supplies. You will find that running a profitable leaf-raking business costs money when you need to purchase yard bags and replacements for the rakes you break. You might find that the advantage you gain to more easily work on a particularly tricky yard is worth the expense of an upgraded rake.

Keep an eye on the weather! The two main things that will have an impact on your leaf-raking business are the wind and the rain. The more wind there is, the more leaves will fall on a yard in a given day, which means you have more work to do! You can’t rake leaves while it is raining, but if it isn’t stormy out, you might be able to wait for a break to get some work done.

Raking leaves can be hard work! As you use your rake, you’ll use energy, and you do not have an unlimited amount of it! You will need to ensure you get plenty of sleep at night, or else you will be too tired to do the job your clients are expecting.

You’ll need to practice good time management to succeed. 90 days seems like a long time, but each week will have its challenges. On most weekdays you’ll only have the afternoons and evenings after school to seek clients and rake their yards. Saturday and Sunday are wide open days, however, as well as many holidays. Make sure to visit neighbors at appropriate times, and don’t stay out too late or your mother will force you inside!

Within the five neighborhoods you’ll also find a store where you can purchase bags and replacement rakes. The store closes during holidays and has certain hours, so make sure you get there while it is open. You don’t want to be left not holding a bag and unable to replenish your supplies until the next day.

Your home is the headquarters of your business. You can inspect your inventory, check on the weather forecast, sleep at night, and talk to your parents. Your parents can give you hints and tips about the various aspects of the game. Don’t forget that even though you aren’t paid for doing chores, you are still expected to keep your own yard clean! Fail to do so, and your parents will put an end to your business.