Ludum Dare Theme Voting Has Begun!

On Friday, August 28th, Ludum Dare #15 will begin, but before then, theme voting is needed. Round 1 of 3 includes “Dancing Trees”, “Burrowing”, and “Trampolines”. I’ve done my civic duty. Have you?

Also, the official website received a new facelift, and it looks like there will be improvements made here and there throughout the week. Specifically, there is currently a call to help fix issues with the entry voting. If you would like to help, it sounds easy enough. You need to submit a fake entry to the LD blog, and the details are located in the post Help Us Fix The Voting.

To avoid what happened to me last time, I’ve dedicated almost the entire weekend to making sure I participate as fully as I can on LD#15. No matter what happens, though, it should be a blast!

1 comment to Ludum Dare Theme Voting Has Begun!

  • Wah. Looming deadlines will not permit me to play this time around. I’m still voting on themes though. 🙁 Good luck!

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