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Get the Trans Witches are Witches Bundle

You may have heard about the problematic yet popular wizard game based on the problematic famous author, but have you heard about the Trans Witches Are Witches Bundle?

For $60 (or $10 if you can’t afford it), you get “a bundle of witchcraft and wizardry without the transphobia, antisemitism, and alt-right grifters.”

You can support independent LGBTQ+ creators, you get what is currently 69 games and other items, and you can rest easy knowing that your money is not supporting powerful people putting more pain and suffering into the world.

There are role-playing games, shoot ’em ups, platformers, visual novels, and more. It’s a “bundle of over $300 worth of magic themed games, music, zines, and other things from LGBTQ+ creators.”

The sale ends on February 24th.