WordPress Removing End Tags? Here’s Why

So I was writing a very large post recently, and I found that when I checked the preview that there was a huge section of the post in a blockquote.

I checked, and I found a missing </blockquote>. I figured I missed it when I originally wrote the opening tag, and instead of quoting a few lines, I found the remainder of my post quoted, which is not what I wanted.

So I added it after double-checking the quote to see where it ends and where the rest of my post starts, saved, and refreshed the preview.

It still looked wrong.

And when I checked the editor window again, I found that the </blockquote> was missing again!

What’s weird is that I was using </blockquote> successfully in a number of other areas of my post, so what’s different?

It turned out that I had copied and pasted some output from my terminal earlier in the post:

[armeabi] Compile thumb : main < = SDL_android_main.c

See that less-than sign? Apparently it was being interpreted as an opening to a tag. Maybe. I’m still not sure.

But everything worked as expected once I replaced each instance of


with the HTML code


And now I can blockquote the appropriate text and not worry about having the end tag automatically removed without explanation.

And now so can you. You’re welcome.