Announcing the Stop That Hero! Alpha

“Bringing Evil Back.”

It’s been a long time coming, but I’m proud to announce the playable alpha release of the first major game for GBGames: “Stop That Hero!”, a deceptively simple strategy game that puts you in the role of the evil villain.

As your evil spreads and you conquer the various territories in the world, you’ll find that the locals aren’t terribly pleased and have found a few champions to defend them.

How cute.

Unleash your monstrous minions into battle against the heroes of good and champions of right! The do-gooders will be attempting to storm your castle and take back what they think is their land.

Stop those heroes, and keep the world safe from Good!

The 0.1.0 alpha of “Stop That Hero!” features:

  • Four evil minions to summon
  • Five different types of heroes to fight
  • Multiple structures to control such as towers and dragon nests
  • Five sample levels
  • Easy to learn game play
  • Quick play sessions, allowing you to finally fit “running an evil empire” into your busy schedule

Order the game for Windows and GNU/Linux at and play it today, plus as a customer you’ll get access to all new updates and features as they become available. You can also order the game as a gift for a friend so you both can try your hand at being evil.

Stop That Hero! Bringing evil back...
Stop That Hero! Bringing evil back...
Stop That Hero! Bringing evil back...

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Intriguing. I’d like to play a demo if you can make it, but I’m not willing to put forward 7.50 for a total unknown… But if the demo is fun I’d be very interested in buying.

KoryWazHere: I’m developing “Stop That Hero!” in C++ with libSDL and related libraries, on a GNU/Linux-based system. I’ve used the Gimp for most sprites, although a colleague provided some of the better looking background screens, like the title screen background and game logo.

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