The World Cup is Here!

Besides not having Internet access at home yet, the other reason why I won’t be able to write many blog posts here is because I’m a big soccer fan and am watching the World Cup!

Yes, it isn’t exactly a stellar start for me in terms of being a full-time indie game developer, but I’ve made this decision, and I’m going with it for now. Part of the reason why I’m an indie is so I can decide what to do with my time, and right now, that means feeling perfectly comfortable sitting in a bar and watching soccer multiple times a day. It’s quite liberating, actually. B-)

If you really want to read what I have to say, I have gotten a few things written down at my other blog:, where I try to cover all things about American soccer and what makes it unique in the world.

Tomorrow is the big, highly anticipated game: USA vs ENG! What are your predictions? Do you think the Yanks can win the match? Group C? The Cup itself?