Merry Christmas, Internet!

I was shoveling out my car yesterday, and I was having a tough time. There was a lot of ice since I hadn’t moved my car since the previous snow fall. A stranger stopped his truck, pulled out a metal shovel, and said, “You won’t get through that ice with that shovel. Here, let me break it up for you.” After he finished, he shook my hand, we wished each other a merry Christmas, and he left.

And besides feeling pretty good about the kindness of strangers during the holidays, I’m thinking, “How many games involve generosity as a game play mechanic?” B-)

I’ll be spending time with lots of family. I’ll make sure to bring a video game console for the bored cousins. Ok, and for myself. I’ll also bring the classic Christmas film “Santa Claus Conquers the Martians”.

Other classics I’ll bring include “Christmas with Gumby”, “Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas”, and “Sonic Christmas Blast”. If you had every Christmas special from every cartoon, how many would that be? Last year I didn’t get to see “A Christmas Story” on TV somehow, so I hope to do so this year.

I hope you’re having a warm and fun Christmas!

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