Back from SIC 2008

I’m back from the Software Industry Conference. I wish I had more time to explore Boston, but the conference was great! I met a lot of cool people, saw a few good presentations, and got great advice whether solicited or not.

And yes, Boston had orange juice.

I’ve already taken actions to improve my business since coming back on Sunday. I signed up for AdWords, and I’ve made some notes on improving my currently stagnating business plan. Heck, I’ve also cleared off part of my desk in my office so I can actually sit at it.

I hope to see you at SIC next year!

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3 replies on “Back from SIC 2008”

So… I didn’t know you liked oj that much… I’m also rejuvenated by the conference. Opportunities are just sitting around waiting for us to notice. Can’t wait to hear how your biz plan changed and ad words positively affect your business!

Sheila: Yes, he is!

Jess: Heh, people always comment on the picture at the top of the blog, although usually with “Is that JUST orange juice you’re drinking?”

I’ll be sure to post about my updates here, so keep coming back! B-)

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