I’m Moving…Again!

Starting tomorrow, assuming that there are no problems, I can start moving into my new apartment. I’m running a bit behind schedule in terms of this move. I haven’t hired movers, a van, or called to get electricity and gas setup at the new place. Cable will be interesting because I would like to get cable and Internet, and since I am without a TV, I’m sure there will be hassles.

I have the rest of this month to move, but I would like to be out of my current place as soon as I can. I want to feel comfortable cooking in my kitchen again, and my current place turned out to be the home of roaches. They don’t pay rent, they mooch off of your beer, and they hit on your girlfriend, so that makes them less than ideal roommates. Oh, and they ruin your food with disease and make it more likely that you’ll develop asthma. I still need to pack, and I want to make sure I don’t bring anything that is holding roach egg cases, which are called ootheca in case you want to know, or the roaches themselves. My friend’s advice is that I just need to really inspect everything. It might be tedious, but luckily for me, I don’t have a lot of stuff to go through. A few bookshelves, a table, a desk, some file cabinets, and my computer and video game equipment. I doubt they are, but I will be very upset if I find out that they are hanging out IN my NES. Depending on who you talk to, I’ll be fine at the new place, or there’s a very low probability that I can move without bringing my new friends with me.

There might be a period of inactivity again as I disconnect from the network at my current place and wait for the network to be setup at my new place. Then again, I’m not updating that often anyway, so you may not miss me too much. B-)

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Thanks for the advice! I’m hoping to use some plastic containers, but I only has so many. I’ll see if I can borrow some or maybe find some cheap ones at a store.

Good luck with your move. Your still-roomies sound annoying.

Oh, and whenever I read your blog (and I do regularily), I get a sudden thirst for orange juice… 😉

dude we always miss you, what are you talking about?

Anyways i’m missing you most because you haven’t told me if you’ve got my nano novel or read any of it 😉


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