Moving Day

I’m moving today. Tomorrow afternoon the cable company is sending a technician out to install our cable so hopefully I will have Internet access by the end of the day.

That is, assuming that the install is much, much smoother than the conversation with sales to actually schedule this visit. I am already not happy with my new service provider. My old service provider offered a static IP address for an extra $10 a month. My new service provider? Static IPs aren’t even offered. I didn’t remember to ask about what ports they might block, but hopefully I can still use SSH and FTP when I am away from home. I wouldn’t be surprised if port 80 is blocked, at least from what I had heard.

This is why people want the government to enforce Net Neutrality. Net Neutrality regulation wouldn’t be necessary if customers had a real choice in service providers.

Anyway, hopefully I will have a post after Sunday. Maybe if I am lucky I will have a few moments to program before Monday’s Thousander post.

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And it turns out that my “cable-ready” apartment isn’t cable ready. Now I have to wait until the 25th for someone to come out and install cable. There are other problems with the apartment, and so a discussion with the landlord (and Comcast) will hopefully clear up some matters. My fridge doesn’t have bars to hold the jars in the doorway, and the bottom shelf is cracked. What the heck is up with that?

So for the next few weeks, I will have limited Internet access at they day job and possibly when visiting friends. Luckily I’m in Vegas for the day job business trip in a couple of weeks so it won’t matter as much, but still. Things did not go smoothly at all.

oh, yea, 8mbs, that’s pretty slow…hehe
Hopefully your setup goes smoother then mine, the folks at SBC DSL had blocked the port needed to register my service, which took a good week to figure out, since everything seemed like it was working.

Good luck again!

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