Indie Game Dev Podcast: Interview with Caravel Games

Erik Hermansen, one of the major developers at Caravel Games, discusses open source development with Action in the latest indie game developer’s podcast.

Long ago, I emailed Erik about his challenges with using open source for a game. He touches on a few of them in the interview, but I really wish they would have gone more in-depth in what it means to sell an open source game. Otherwise, I was glad to get an opportunity to learn more about what happens behind the scenes for one of my favorite indie developers. There was a focus on managing an open source project as well as Erik’s take on marketing.

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Erik’s way of developing games is really unique. The whole Caravel community with its contests,user created content,downloadable levels is an incredible maze that makes me dizzy. Been hanging around in the forums for a while and still discover new things. For example i recently found out that i could download a new set of levels (smitemaster selection they call it).

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