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I Voted

I woke up late today, so I couldn’t vote in the morning. I finally managed to do so.

And I voted third party.

That is, I voted for neither Blagojevich or Topinka.

I also voted against Don Harmon and Deborah L. Graham, even though the latter was running unopposed.

I wasn’t too familiar with the “stakes” of this election, but if it was anything like last election, I’d rather vote 3rd party than support either of the two major candidates.

In any case, I did not support candidates who would support laws such as the unconstitutional video game legislation introduced by Blagojevich. And I feel good about it.

3 replies on “I Voted”

Hah! I did the exact same thing. I dislike the two gubernatorial candidates in this election enough that I didn’t want to vote for either of them, but at the same time I didn’t want to completely want to throw away my vote. I imagine a lot of people are thinking the same way, maybe the Green party will finally get their 5%?

At last report, Whitney, the Green candidate, was getting 11% of the vote. That means that the Greens will, in 2008, be a recognized, legitimate fully-recognized party in Illinois, with available matching funds, the ability to run primaries, invitation to debates, and so forth.

Some are also quietly predicting that the next Illinois Gubentorial election will be to re-elect Governor Quinn.

Either way, Illinois politics just got a lot more entertaining. 🙂

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