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Non-Profit for Linux-based Games

I learned that has formed a non-profit organization in Germany, which is where it is located. I’ve found linuX-gamers to be a great source of news about games on the Gnu/Linux platform.

Major parts of our work will involve the support of communication, free exchange of knowledge and the community through the portal. We will care about developement and free distribution of open source software. Furthermore our work will cover organization of and participation in public events to make information available to a broad spectrum of people and to strengthen educational and scientific work on linux gaming related topics.

I don’t know the details of such work, but if it helps to improve the state of game development on Gnu/Linux and increases the number of games we can play, I welcome it. Good luck, everyone at linuX-gamers!

2 replies on “Non-Profit for Linux-based Games”

Sure, if you don’t mind dealing with the hassle of getting unsupported software to work on your system.

I find it annoying if I purchase a game only to find out that the developer doesn’t support it. Too many developers think that if the game works through Cedega or Wine, they don’t need to worry about Gnu/Linux support, but even if a developer does provide a binary for Gnu/Linux with a bad installer and the wrong documentation, they then point out that no one wants to buy their games. Gee, I wonder why?

Sure, it is great if I can get a game like Wizardry 8 to work through Wine, but I would much rather have a native binary. Since some developers just don’t exist anymore, it isn’t likely that I will see a native binary unless someone decides to create an open source port. For current games, however, why would I pay for a game that requires me to go through Wine configuration or purchasing a separate subscription to some piece of software when I can purchase other games that are actually supported on my OS of choice?

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