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In the Thousander Club, I have been posting both my hours and my ideas. I think a number of people think it is silly for me to list ideas since they are so easy to come up with. While I sometimes hit a kind of writer’s block, for the most part it is very easy to think of game ideas, especially as I don’t give myself any criteria. My goal isn’t to list only good ideas so much as to list as many ideas as possible. Admittedly, a lot are really bad. Still, some bad ones have led my thoughts to some that I think are good. And that’s the point: to come up with all possible ideas in order to get the few good ones.

Still, I’ve been asked to do a little more than simply list a number each week. So each week I’ll try to pick one idea and flesh it out a bit. I’ll basically describe how this game idea can result in an interesting game. They don’t have to be completely innovative ideas, and most aren’t. Still, there should be a creative aspect.

Like I said, most will probably be very bad. Perhaps I’ll mention an idea that has already been done before in a game that I’ve never played. Once in awhile, I might come up with a really cool sounding game. At the very least, I hope to get you thinking, too.

The first one will post tomorrow.

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I’m looking online for a game we can play at work. Something that will last at least a week or so. Something allong the lines of Assasins, or Clue. I work in a hotel, and Assasins is not apropriate for our work environment. I was thinking I might be able to adapt clue, and I still may. I’m searching the intenet for some sort of long tearm game. I’m thinking you earn points for doing things around the office, or in my case, helping a co worker, or having a guest leave a good comment. The points you get can be spent to help you move along in the game. And the game it’s self, Maybe you have to get the answer to a puzzle or something. You’re the creative thinker, I was hoping since I cannot find the game i’m looking for you might be able to come up with an idea or two.

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