Packing for Move

I’ve been doing some packing for the move to the new apartment. Among the things I’ll be bringing:

  • Atari 2600 + games
  • NES + games
  • SNES + games
  • N64 + games
  • Gamecube + games
  • Gameboy + games
  • Computers + games

Oh, and some clothes and books. And a toothbrush. I think I’m ready.

I haven’t determined what ISPs are available yet, so I will be offline for some time. Heck, I don’t know if I’ll even have a desk for my computer usage! If your comment has been approved in the past, it will automatically be approved. Otherwise, your comment will have to wait until I get a chance to approve it. Hey, you should have posted sooner.

Also, I should really get a PS2. Nintendo is great and all, but I’ve been missing out on some great gaming. Dreamcasts are still cheap, right?