Coincidence? Way Too Weird

This past weekend was a bit scary. Every so often, someone would say something that would be related to a topic that is on my mind. The television news made a reference to a study on psychology that directly related to a game design article I had just read. Someone at a Christmas party told me a lot more about health in terms of agriculture than I had known, and it was interesting to me mainly because I was thinking about personal health issues related to agriculture the day before.

I spent the past week looking up as much information as I could on forming an LLC for GBGames. It was starting to frustrate me that there seemed to be an overwhelming amount of legal knowledge required, which was discouraging, and the other day I discover that Steve Pavlina has a new podcast called Kick-start Your Own Business. Today I find that MicroISV has a link to A Guide to Starting Your Business. Discouragement no more.

I’m moving into a new apartment and will have a dedicated room for working on my business. It’s been a struggle to find information, and now things are popping out all over. I think it is happening way too often to be a series of random coincidences. Steve Pavlina says they could be synchronicities and that they can be a trail to follow. If that’s the case, then I am apparently on the right track with my life in general and my business in particular.

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I have stuff like this happen all the time to me, in the form of movies or movie related items. For instance, my dad got a video at the library, a 1952 movie called “Stars and Stripes Forever” about the life of John Phillip Sousa, in any case the movie is actually a musical, and there is a musical number called “Springtime in New York” – which is staged by Nick Castle Sr. He has done choreography for a number of famous musicals. I commented that that is the father of Nick Castle the director/writer/etc. Notably the director of 1984’s “The Last Starfighter”. Now this was a movie my Dad had on hold. I had no idea that Nick Castle Sr. was involved with the Stars and Stripes Forever, at all. The same week I go and get Dennis the Menace (the 1993 theatrical movie), guess who the director is? Nick Castle (jr.) I had no idea that Nick Castle directed (or may have in the back of my head as I had seen the movie before). What’s weirder still is I didn’t know his father had anything to do with Stars and Stripes, and we happened to watch them in the same weekend. Coincidence or a message? You decide 🙂

Actually there was something I read either in one of Steve Pavlina’s articles or in a book about your “reticular activation system”. Which simply means that your mind sort of “locks on to something” once you’ve exposed it to something. You ever shop for a specific item only to find you can’t find one. You finally find one at the last place you look. Then after you buy said item, you suddenly see hundreds of this same item everywhere? Or you buy a red car and you suddenly notice hundreds of red cars driving on the street? Yep that’s the ras at work. You probably did the same thing. You wanted to start a business, essentially your mind “spotted” those articles and made you aware of them.

Yeah, it is just too bad I can’t rewind time and check to see if those things were showing up at the same frequency before I started to notice them. B-)

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