Jack Thompson’s Modest Proposal

I was about to make a huge post about Jack Thompson’s “modest proposal”, but I just realized that besides the game industry magazines and news sites, no one is reporting it. It is probably just as well.

If you’re curious, I’ll link to the Joystiq article.

I gained slightly more respect for him after listening to the interview podcast on Game Politics, but this proposal sank my opinion of him.

EDIT: Ctrl-Alt-Delete has a comic and an open letter about the “modest proposal”.

3 replies on “Jack Thompson’s Modest Proposal”

I wonder if anyone has proposed to Thompson that he just donate to a charity such as Child’s Play on his own. I mean, if he has the $10,000 to do so, he might as well do it.

Apparently, Gabe of Penny Arcade did exactly that.

The result? Jack Thompson called him (since his phone number was part of his signature) and screamed at him, before threatening him never to email again or they’d “regret it.”

Jack Thompson is a very, very sick man. He needs professional help, not media attention.

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