The Reading Habit

In January I started to keep track of the books that I read. I have been keeping a simple text file with the books I am currently reading and a list of books that I have finished reading. I even started to track the number of weeks that have gone by and also how many books I would have to read to keep on track for reading a book per week.

I am placing a few new links at the top of my blog. One will be the general explanation of my book tracking, and the other will be the current year’s list of books. Eventually the former will also act as my list of archives as it will link to former years.

I started reading more often last year, but it was only this year that I started to keep track of it. Previously I would read only if something very interesting came along, such as the Harry Potter books or The Lord of the Rings. The last time I read on my own regularly was probably grade school. In just one short year I know that I am much better for reading as often as I now do.