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Women Gaming Restaurants?

This topic is kind of related to my post on making girl friendly games. Apparently, Nolan Bushnell announced plans to found a new chain of restaurants designed to lure women into gaming. Bushnell is pretty much famous for Pong, usually incorrectly credited as the father of video games. He also created Chuck E. Cheeze series of restaurants.

I actually remembered going to a restaurant that had table top arcade games with my family when I was younger. The idea of arcade games that you play sitting down was pretty cool to me. Apparently Bushnell wants to make a restaurant that has games that appeal specifically to women. And of course, if women go, men will follow. And alcohol usually helps.

Of course, that’s the theory. Dave and Buster’s and Gameworks already fulfill the “gaming with food and alcohol”, but they don’t try to appeal to women much. What will Bushnell’s new restaurant actually do differently to bring in women? Will it actually bring in other non-gamers as well?