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Fight Cancer; Donate for Research

I just found out that John Hall, former Loki worker and author of Programming Linux Games is fighting against stage IV (metastatic) Melanoma and is trying to raise money for cancer research. He is writing about his ordeal at


Some friends and I have formed an American Cancer Society Relay for Life team called Team Melanoma. Our main goal is to raise money for cancer research. Please donate to our team through the following page:

All money goes to the American Cancer Society. We’re asking for our donations to be used for melanoma research.

I haven’t donated to many charities in my life. I don’t exactly have an income that encourages donating to others. Still, thinking about it, I don’t currently have expenses that discourage donating to others either. Cancer is a disease that always affects “other” people, so when you find out that a bump or a tumor that you’ve been calling “no big deal” is actually a big deal, it is always a punch in the gut.

Please donate what you can.

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John Hall fighting for good cause i should have not change my mind to donation but still the fact is that many people in this world suffering from melanoma including my near ones !! donation will do some help to John Hall and many people associated with his research

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