Last Week of Class

Tomorrow is my second to last final of my graduate school career. Thursday is my last one. Then I am free.

Free to learn about the topics I want to learn about when I want to learn about them.
Free to learn at a faster or slower pace as I choose or need.
Free to use my time to make a difference in my own abilities for my own sake rather than for a higher GPA.

Some people want to go on for higher education, and that’s fine. Maybe in the future I might see a need for it myself. But not now.

Seth Godin wrote about some Harvard hopefuls who will not be able to attend because they found their admissions status early in Good News and Bad News:

The fact is, though, that unless you want to be a consultant or an i-banker (where a top MBA is nothing but a screen for admission) it’s hard for me to understand why this is a better use of time and money than actual experience combined with a dedicated reading of 30 or 40 books.

If this is an extension of a liberal arts education, with learning for learning’s sake, I’m all for it. If, on the other hand, it’s a cost-effective vocational program, I don’t get it.

So those rejected by Harvard (for a stupid reason, I might add) may in fact have been given a gift. Why spend years sitting still in school learning about the past, when you can blaze a trail onwards and read about the past at the same time?

It’s what I hope to do.