Welcome! or The First Post

Well, I’ve done it. I’ve finally started a blog. How did I get started with blogs?

RSS. When I found that Firefox allowed me to use “active bookmarks” it went downhill from there. First it was just a few blogs, like Steve Pavlina’s, but then I found myself with a whole slew of feeds that I could check daily.

Anyway, I tend to be quite vocal when it comes to my opinions on things like open source and Free software, freedom, technology, etc. I’ve posted in and The Indie Gamer forums, usually very long drawn out posts at that, and I thought, “Rather than have my post get lost in the archives, why not create my own archives?”.

Do not fear, for I won’t document what I had for breakfast this morning or how cute my cat is. This blog isn’t my personal diary, and I won’t treat it as such. I will discuss things related to software development, particularly game development, Free and Open Source Software (FOSS), freedom, technology, and business. I’ll try to keep political talk to a minimum.

In any case, welcome!

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Welcome to the blogosphere and to citizen publishing!

If you write with passion, and about things you really care about, you will find no end of interesting topics.

You may find,however, that a strictly professional blog with no touches of personal life make a blog less interesting.

People want to know you as a person, not just as a faceless source of information. There are a lot of personal issues in software development. Opening the kimono occasionally will give the stories immediacy and make them memorable. After all, development project issues are 35% technical and 65% personal/political.

Thanks for the welcome, David! You’re absolutely correct. I probably should clarify that it isn’t that I want to avoid anything personal so much as avoiding the mundane. I don’t want to post a two liner about what I had for breakfast unless I can relate it to something important. “I ate Cinnamon Toast Crunch today because I’m out of Cheerios” isn’t nearly as compelling as “Since I was out of Cheerios, I had Cinnamon Toast Crunch today. I remember when they had a number of chefs in the commercials instead of just the one they have now. I wonder if General Mills did testing and found that the other chefs weren’t pulling as much as Wendell.”

So yes, this blog is about my personal experiences and my reaction to them. Thank you for your feedback! B-)

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