Merry Christmas, Indies!

I’ve been enjoying time with family, including my nieces who have introduced me to what’s going on in children’s television these days. The oldest one wanted to play with apps on my phone that let her “build, build, build!” I found a very basic Lego app, but if anyone has any better suggestions for a 4 year old, I’d appreciate hearing them.

I hope you’re enjoying a great holiday. Merry Christmas from GBGames!

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  • Pekuja

    Merry Christmas, GB!

    Building apps… How about Minecraft? Terraria? Growtopia?

  • I haven’t heard of Growtopia. I’ll look into it. I tried Minecraft but it seemed to be too much for my oldest niece to play on her own, and she doesn’t care to watch me and direct.

    Thanks for the suggestions! Merry Christmas!

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