Looking Back on 2016; Looking Forward to 2017

Wow, it’s almost February? I’m incredibly overdue for the blog post in which I give a post mortem of the previous year and talk about my plans for the coming year.

Which isn’t to say that I’ve been doing nothing this past month. I just haven’t prioritized telling you about it over actually doing it. . . . → Read More: Looking Back on 2016; Looking Forward to 2017

GBGames in 2006 vs 2016

There’s been a meme going around in which indie game developers have posted photos of themselves today juxtaposed with photos of themselves from 10 years ago.

It took me forever to find a 2006 picture of myself.

Let’s go back in time.

10 years ago, states were passing laws to ban the . . . → Read More: GBGames in 2006 vs 2016

Open Source Taxes

Flash game developers may remember Flixel, the open source game dev library created by Adam “Atomic” Saltsman.

HaxeFlixel is the Haxe-based port that eventually became its own full-featured, mature library that allows for deployment across not only Flash but many other platforms.

The five-year-old project is an open source project using the MIT License. . . . → Read More: Open Source Taxes

The Internal Struggle on Doing Game Development Right

There are a lot of conflicting thoughts in my head about how I want to approach my efforts at creating games. Some of these conflicts are from seemingly contradictory pieces of advice I’ve received over the years, and some are just related to fear, uncertainty, and doubt due to inexperience.

On the one hand, . . . → Read More: The Internal Struggle on Doing Game Development Right

The Satisfaction of Building It Yourself

I like building my games with my own tech.

There was a game jam in which I used Stencyl, but otherwise, all of my projects have been based on my own hand-coded C++ with libSDL. I spent time figuring out how to write a basic game loop, how to design my software architecture, how to . . . → Read More: The Satisfaction of Building It Yourself

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