Merry Christmas, Indies!

It’s another Christmas, this time with snow here in Des Moines.

I’ll be enjoying a few days with my wife’s family, feeling welcome in each other’s company, playing cards, eating our fill, and watching classic holiday films. As a tradition I don’t want to skip, I hope to convince them to watch “Santa . . . → Read More: Merry Christmas, Indies!

Living on Purpose: Prolific Creation

In Habitually Living on Purpose, I mentioned how I am focusing on habits this year in an attempt to live according to my Life on Purpose statement: My Life on Purpose is a joyful life of freedom, continuous learning, encouraged and supported creativity, insatiable curiosity, and prolific creation, driven by passion and a desire for . . . → Read More: Living on Purpose: Prolific Creation

Life Achievement: Co-op Mode Unlocked

Today, in front of our friends and family, my fiancée and I will exchange vows and become husband and wife. In doing so, we will agree to share our lives together, unlocking a new game play mode in our world.

A lot of people think of love as something that fills a hole in . . . → Read More: Life Achievement: Co-op Mode Unlocked

Did You Know The IGDA Has a Healthcare Plan?

Back in 2009, the International Game Developers Assocation (IGDA) announced the launch of the IGDA Healthcare Program.

When I became a full-time indie game developer, I was going to lose my employer-provided insurance, so I turned to the IGDA’s program to get coverage instead of trying to find my own insurance on my . . . → Read More: Did You Know The IGDA Has a Healthcare Plan?

Integrating LodePNG with an SDL Project

In efforts to port Stop That Hero! to the Mac, I ran into a strange issue involving PNG image data.

See, the level layout in “Stop That Hero!” is defined by a 50×33 PNG. The colors of pixels in the PNG correspond to tiles and structures in the game. Grass tiles are represented in . . . → Read More: Integrating LodePNG with an SDL Project

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