Merry Christmas!

When I was younger, I loved the challenge of sneaking around the house during the holidays to find my Christmas presents before Christmas Day.

I like I think I was pretty good about it, too. I would sometimes find the already-wrapped boxes above the china cabinet or in my parents’ dresser.

Once I . . . → Read More: Merry Christmas!

WordPress Removing End Tags? Here’s Why

So I was writing a very large post recently, and I found that when I checked the preview that there was a huge section of the post in a blockquote.

I checked, and I found a missing </blockquote>. I figured I missed it when I originally wrote the opening tag, and instead of quoting a . . . → Read More: WordPress Removing End Tags? Here’s Why

Merry Christmas

It finally snowed here in Des Moines, so there is a lovely blanket of white on the grass, but not enough snow to cover the streets and driveways, which is courteous of the winter, when you think about it.

I’m looking forward to a day of games, classic movies, and food enjoyed with my . . . → Read More: Merry Christmas

Why Does Your Game App Need My Browser History and Photos?

Years ago, I started paying attention to the usage of so-called digital rights management (DRM) in games and made my purchasing decisions accordingly. I might have missed out on some major cultural impacts, but I wasn’t going to passively accept what I thought was a draconian form of copy protection. A form of protection that, . . . → Read More: Why Does Your Game App Need My Browser History and Photos?

Merry Christmas, Indies!

I’ve been enjoying time with family, including my nieces who have introduced me to what’s going on in children’s television these days. The oldest one wanted to play with apps on my phone that let her “build, build, build!” I found a very basic Lego app, but if anyone has any better suggestions for a . . . → Read More: Merry Christmas, Indies!

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