I Received My #LD48 Gift Exchange Gift!

This is the first year I’ve participated in the Ludum Dare Gift Exchange. Yesterday I received an invoice in the mail in French, but no package. I was confused, thinking, “An invoice? This isn’t how this works.”

Today, there was a knock on my door. The jolly postal worker had me sign my name on a small piece of paper and handed me a rectangular box:

A mangled up box marked FRAGILE

It says “FRAGILE” and yet you can tell it was still shipped in the same cargo ship that transported exotic circus animals. Still, I opened it, and it seemed that even if the box looked worse for wear, the contents were packaged in some heavy-duty materials to make transportation safe. So the laugh is on you, circus animals!


Chouchen Lancelot is mead, according to La Boutique Du Comptoir. Sweet nectar of the gods, I have a bottle of French mead! And the cork is covered in real wax, and it smells like fantastic French cork and wax!

Merry Christmas, Ludum Dare! And thanks, Adrien Giboire! I look forward to enjoying my gift!

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