June #1GAM: Half an Hour and a Lovely Bunch of Coconut Trees

Yesterday’s post about my June #1GAM mentioned my huge island to explore and new coconut tree sprites.

After just half an hour yesterday morning that I didn’t think I’d actually take advantage of, I have animated coconut trees:

I intend for the trees to animate when the Castaway shakes them in an attempt to knock down coconuts, but for now they dance in unison in a poor imitation of Super Mario World.

They aren’t pretty animations, but then I’m just making programmer art over here.

2 comments to June #1GAM: Half an Hour and a Lovely Bunch of Coconut Trees

  • Wow. It’s looking good. I think your blog is becoming a solid argument for 1GAM — it looks like the quality has improved each month.

  • Thanks, Mike! I just hope I can get a decent game to come out of it. I only have until the 30th. B-)

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